Slides Academic Year 2018/2019

This page reports the slides presented at classes. The contents are organized according to the course syllabus and main topics.

Advanced models for large distributed & cloud systems

  • Class Starting (slides x2)
  • Goals, Basics, and Models (slides x2)
  • Middleware & Cloud Models (slides x2)
  • Overlay Networks and Global File Systems (slides x2)
  • CORBA, C/S and Multicast Middleware (slides x2)
  • Cloud Support and Global Strategies (slides x2)

Replication, group and many-to-many communication, and systems for QoS

  • Replication (slides x2)
  • Systems and protocols for QoS (x2)
  • Communication and groups (x2)

Middleware for large distributed & cloud systems

  • CORBA exercises (italian only) (zip file)
  • OpenStack implementation (slides x2)
  • IaaS exercises (slides x2)