You find here a list of some pills to introduce you into some interesting subjects to stimulate your curiosity to enlarge your scope and explore some trends on hot topics.

Microservices [ENG]

Cloud-oriented development model

Docker [ENG]

Building and sharing of containerized applications and microservices

Kubernetes [ENG]

Kubernetes is a portable, extensible, and open-source platform for the management of
containerized workloads and services, capable of facilitating both declarative configuration and

Apache Kafka [ENG]

A scalable, clusterable event-streaming platform for distributing messages with a pub/sub

Digital Twins [ENG]

A digital representation of an object in industrial scenarios, capable of emulating and giving
results of a physical product, process, or procedure.

Serverless [ENG]

An event Driven Cloud Computing model with fine grained scalability based on Function as a

Observability [ENG]

The ability to gather as much information as possible on the overall infrastructure to make
possible online actions