Infrastructure to Support Quality Large Distributed Systems: New technology for Managing Personal, Cloud, Global Data applications

There are many Distributed Systems you use in your everyday experience:

  • Private Personal PC
  • Private Smartphone
  • Corporate PC
  • Corporate Smartphone/Tablet

In Italy, we have a large number of cells but not so many smartphones, and also a very deep and large usage of them.
Also other (Cloud) remote resources are used


Distributed Systems of company / organization used in work day experience to support any business aspect and strategies:

  • Personal machines and local servers
  • EDP data center
  • Outsourced resources
  • Cloud

In general, companies have a conservative attitude toward ICT resources, but have also consolidated usage of not on-premises resources.

Large global corporation provide Cloud services (Amazon, Google, IBM, PAs,…) and organize internal architecture to provide:

  • Cloud services with needed Quality of Service
  • Cloud Data Center Organization
  • Interaction with other Data Centers and Cloud
  • Inter and intra Cloud

In general, one Cloud provider has several local data centers and keep them as a central bone, but has to maintain external available resources and extra-organization agreement for special delicate situations.

Behind the woods, the course will cover QoS in distributed systems and support and coverage of properties and functions:

  • Replication: usage of multiple copies of resources
  • Grouping: keeping together different copies and behavior
  • Simplified delivery: new tools and technologies to fasten development & deployment of complex applications
  • Automated management: infrastructures taking care of management burden with minimal human intervention
  • Batch data processing: storage/processing of massive amounts of data, such as for Google Web indexing
  • Streaming data: dealing with information series coming from a set of grouped info, such as a video, sensors, etc.

Eventually, the course aims at elaborating on the knowledge of distributed systems for the whole life cycle operation, for the aspects related the execution:

  • Operations in the life cycle
  • System management
  • Quality of service (QoS)
  • Variations during life cycle
  • Recovery and tuning

Less interest paid to:

  • Design phases
  • Coding
  • Preparation and static analysis

Topics oriented toward the execution environment:

  • All the aspects are selected in the sense of their contribution to a better execution

General topics are conjugated with the idea of their Mi, always the dominant in time

Individual experience:

  • Capacity of reading technical papers
  • Skill to support going depth into a topic
  • Writing & Presentation on class topics
  • Design a small project and solution sketch